Square & Compass Children's Clinic 

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Children's Clinics Scheduling

To schedule an appointment with Children's Clinics, please call the Call Center at (520) 324-5437

Also see http://www.childrensclinics.org/


List of Clinic Specialties

Our partner Children's Clinics helps special needs children with over 25 specialties.

Birthmark                             Cardiology

Cerebral Palsy                       Dental

Endocrinology                       ENT

Eye                                      Feeding

Gastroenterology                   Genetics

Metabolic                              Myelomeningocele

Neuro-surgery                       Neuro-Epilepsy

Neurocutaneous                     Neurology

Neuromuscular                      Nutrition

Oral-Maxiliary                       Orofacial

Orthodontics                         Orthopaedics

Pediatric Surgery                   Pedatrics

Physical Therapy                  Plastic Surgery

Primary Care                        Psychology

Rheumatology                      Upper Extremity

Urology                                Wheelchair

Wound Care